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ジャマイカのBarや道端で仲間達と遊んでいるときに自然と流れてる音をコンセプトに制作されるPon Di Cornerの第4弾! 今作はKIDDが所有するアナログレコードの中から厳選した、主に70’s、80’sのVolcanoやPower House、Joe Gibbsなどの音源を中心にダンスのEarly TimeでよくPlayするFoundation Selection! 01.Oh Lord(Tappa) / Tappa Zukie 02.Reggae Music(Volcano) / Barrington Levy 03.Stop The Fussing And Fighting(Joe Gibbs) / Dennis Brown 04.Looking My Love(Jah Guidance) / Barrington Levy 05.Ice Cream Love(Volcano) / Johnny Osbourne 06.Love & Devotion(Taxi) / Jimmy Riley 07.Talk About Love(Power House) / Al Campbell 08.Undercover Lover(Power House) / Josey Wales 09.21 Girls Salute(Volcano) / Barrington Levy 10.Tune In(African Museum) / Gregory Isaacs 11.Night Nurse(African Museum) / Gregory Isaacs 12.Police In Helicopter(Volcano) / Barrington Levy 13.Smuggling(Volcano) / Eek A Mouse 14.Collie Weed(Jah Guidance) / Barrington Levy 15.Splif Tail(Black Solidarity) / Tristan Palmer 16.Not So Lucky(Black Roots) / Barry Brown 17.It A Fi Bun(Volcano) / Josey Wales 18.Visit Of King Selassie(Midnight Rock) / Early B 19.My God My King(Taxi) / Papa Levi 20.Jah Jah Call You(Prince Jazzbo Music) / U-Roy 21.Solomon(Volcano) / Nitty Gritty 22.Stealing(Volcano) / John Holt 23.Look How Me Sexy(Volcano) / Linval Thompson 24.I’m Getting Married In The Morning(Volcano) / Yellow Man 25.Worrior In The Dance(Volcano) / Frankie Paul 26.Gate Man(Volcano) / Josey Wales 27.Lost My Sonia(Volcano) / Cocoa Tea 28.Zung Zung Zungzeng(Volcano) / Yellow Man 29.Bone Connection(Volcano) / Nico Demus 30.Mother In Law(Moods) / Nico Demus 31.Heart Don’t Leap(Moodisc) / Dennis Walks 32.Let Me Tell You Boy(Moodisc) / Ebony Sisters 33.Jah A King Of Kings(Moods) / Nico Demus 34.Jah Jah See Them A Come(Joe Gibbs) / Culture 35.Two Sevens Clash(Joe Gibbs) / Culture 36.Ballistic Affair(Channel 1) / Leroy Smart 37.Without Love(Well Charge) / Leroy Smart 38.Prison Oval Rock(Arrival) / Barrington Levy 39.Bobo Dread(Volcano) / Josey Wales Barrington LevyやGregory Issacs、John HoltなどのSingerから、U-Roy、Josey Wales、Yellow Man、Nico DemusなどのDeejayまで激動の時代を駆け抜けてきた名曲達を多数収録。 またINDEXからもわかるようにレーベル名も表記してあるので最近レゲエを聴き始めた方にも分かりやすい表記になっています。誰が聴いても耳に馴染む懐かしさを思い出すような仕上がりになっているので、コレは永久保存版の1枚!