¥1,500 税込


4/9発売開始! ミディアムのレゲエチューンを中心にここ最近リリースされたレコードのみでミックス!! 7インチレコード、12インチレコード、LPレコードで制作の大人気のミックスシリーズ23作品目。 収録アーティストは、Beres Hammond, Yami Bolo, Chezidek, Richie Spice, Wailing Souls, Christopher Ellis, Buju Banton, Kabaka Pyramid, Sandra Cross, Tarrus Riley, Richie Spice, Konshens, Marcia Griffiths, Sizzla, Keznamdi, Agent Sasco, Dre Island, Freddie McGreogor, Anthony Bなど。 -トラックリスト- 1. Call To Duty / Beres Hammond [Harmony House] 2. Secret Babylon / Yami Bolo [Album “HEALING”] 3. Unite / Chezidek [Album “Hello Africa”] 4. Di Dub Dance / Richie Spice 5. Sax Talk / Clive Hunt [Album “Blue Lizard”] 6. Stay Calm / Wailing Souls [Album “Back A Yard”] 7. Feel Alright / Kingston Express feat. Tom Spirals [Album “The Foot Of The Mountain”] 8. Still Go A Dance / Christopher Ellis [Ghetto Youths] 9. Try Again / Chezidek [Album “Hello Africa”] 10. Survival / Beres Hammond [Harmony House] 11. Steppa / Buju Banton [Gargamel] 12. No Guns / Chezidek [Album “Hello Africa”] 13. Block Them / Kingston Express feat. Macka B [Album “The Foot Of The Mountain”] 14. Nice Up The Dance / Kabaka Pyramid 15. Everybody Loves The Sunshine / Robert ‘Dubwise’ Brownie 16. Waiting For The Chance / Sandra Cross [Ariwa] 17. Slipping Away / Royal Blood [Ariwa] 18. Ready For Love / Roy & Yvonne [Album “Believe In Yourself”] 19. Love Is Stronger Than Pride / Tarrus Riley 20. Together We Stand / Richie Spice [Album “Together We Stand”] 21. Yes Mi Friend / Buju Banton feat. Stephen Marley [Album “Upside Down”] 22. You / Konshens [Silly Walks] 23. Beautiful Life / Richie Spice feat. Kathryn Aria [Album “Together We Stand”] 24. Memories / Buju Banton feat. John Legend [Album “Upside Down”] 25. Holding You Close / Marcia Griffiths [Silly Walks] 26. I’m Living -acoustic- / Sizzla [Album “Born A King” / Mista Savana] 27. She Is A Queen / Keznamdi [Silly Walks] 28. At Any Time / Kingston Express feat. Lutan Fyah [Album “The Foot Of The Mountain”] 29. Stronger / Agent Sasco [Silly Walks] 30. Got What It Takes / Sizzla [Album “Born A King” / Mista Savana] 31. My City / Dre Island [Album “Now I Rise” / Dubshot] 32. Perhaps / Freddie McGreogor [Stingray]↓ 33. Quizas / Emeterians↑ 34. Flame Against The Wind / Christopher Ellis [Ghetto Youths] 35. Because I’m Black / Chezidek [Album “Hello Africa”] 36. Eyes To See The World / Richie Spice [Album “Together We Stand”] 37. Let It Be (Great China Wall) / Anthony B feat. Kerry [Album “King In My Castle” / Born Fire] 38. Never Runaway From Jah / Chezidek [Album “Hello Africa”] 39. First Time I Fall / Anthony B [Album “King In My Castle” / Born Fire] 40. I Wanna Know What Love Is / Anthony B [Album “King In My Castle” / Born Fire] 41. Mother Nature / Richie Spice [Album “Together We Stand”] 42. Be With You Everywhere / Anthony B feat. Chantal [Album “King In My Castle” / Born Fire] 43. Look What’s Happening / Wailing Souls [Album “Back A Yard”] 44. Lovely State Of Mind / Buju Banton [Album “Upside Down”]